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September 20, 2007:

We've had a beautiful wedding here on "the hill". The weather was perfect and the lavender contributed it's lovely colors and fragrance. Even the cat joined in the "wedding march" up the hill to the spot where the couple met the Judge, to the delight of all.

December 18, 2007:

We've heard from several of our loyal Christmas customers again this year. They've told us over and over that they love our stuff and that it's like no other they can find. Well, Merry Christmas to all our friends everywhere.

February 27, 2008:

It's still February and, though there hasn't been much snow this winter, it's been cold for weeks, with a few days of warm sunshine to brighten our moods and many days of "Ithaca's" gray skies. Strangely enough (and we all know what it's called) the robins are here in the snow and many of the geese are still being seen, acting confused and flying in V formations east to west.

Meanwhile, the Lavender Lady has been fixing up her workshop and getting ready to start the summer's garden seeds in the solarium. AND she reports the lavender is still green in the stalks. Very encouraging and though the daunting spring and summer work looms ahead we're all in good spirits here at "Larry's Lavender Land". We'll see you the real Spring.


Please click here to read the above article.

Please click here to read the above article.


The elusive (and thus, clearly, wise) fox
-- inspired by a resident under a cotton wood tree
behind our pond.

And here is the Lavender Lady in her element: the garden in summer.
Hat's off to her (along with love...
We (mostly the LL) grow our own food, too.
The lavender fields are to the left.

Our lavender is gorgeous. There's no other way to describe it, unless
you want to talk about the fragrance.
More pictures will be coming this Spring (or before if you want).

AT 5

AT 10
Hi!!! I'm Jessie, The Lavender Lady's granddaughter.
I've been helping and learning in the fields and the production room for 5 years now.
My grandmother and I have green thumbs and fingers and we love growing lots of great herbs and flowers.
Lavender is our very favorite, of course, and we make all kinds of really great hair and body products.
My uncle Terry and grandpa Larry also help a lot.